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Mechanical parts processing, delivery within two weeks

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-17
Ningbo bright Mr Zou search 'ningbo machinery parts processing, through the network to see several suppliers, through the comparison finally selected by our company. Because he saw we ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer have done many similar products in their company, and he will send us the CNC parts processing of 3 d drawings, can communication cooperation, must be able to meet the requirements of their drawings. We can order, also provide quotation and delivery date. Mr Zou considered slightly, after all we are experienced in ningbo, precision machinery parts processing factory, the charge is also more reasonable, two weeks of delivery is acceptable. This kind of machinery parts processing, as Mr Zou for two weeks, if not urgent we processing can also be very calm. After determine the processing scheme with Mr Zou, we will arrange CNC parts processing production line to start production, two weeks, said will do it. About 13 days of the time, Mr Zou this batch of order we finished, after confirmation of the photo let the other side, to express delivery immediately. By rights, in the same city express, not on the same day, the second day is certainly can receive. Mr Zou call in the afternoon, the next day, behold, he didn't receive our mechanical parts processing products. We also met for the first time such a situation, as a professional ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, immediately to express queries over there. As a result, Mr Zou this batch of mechanical parts processing products have been sent Courier behind. We ask Courier company to arrange delivery, bright customers also waiting for use. , then to Mr Zou explains, at that time is 14 days, although the drag and also two weeks range, let him not to worry. In the afternoon after work, Mr Zou finally received our goods, is really goes!
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