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Mechanical parts processing, arrange HuBeiJi staff back

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-01
After the spring equinox, the outbreak, white soldiers fled, HuBeiJi migrant workers also began to leave home, ningbo mechanical parts processing enterprises have been prepared. Although we have to return to work and production for a long time, but many employees are not back in time, is one of the most HuBeiJi employees cannot return, have been waiting for the notice. Now, in addition to hubei wuhan, have become low risk areas, isolation for migrant workers at home more than 50 days after can finally return to make a living city. Guangdong area is home to many HuBeiJi migrant workers, mechanical parts processing industry is the acceptance of these labor the most industry, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is looking forward to their return in time. For HuBeiJi mechanical parts processing staff, must get 'hubei health code' green yard, can enter the guangdong area, do not need to quarantine. If it is yellow code, that is, to cooperate with the competent department of the local isolation measures, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer for return HuBeiJi employees, are subject to the unified command of the government department. One party hard, p plus support. Although there is a virus in hubei province, hubei is no virus from low risk regions, precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo, not for HuBeiJi return employees have any discrimination. We also hope that our employees, our factory as a big family, the staff from hubei regions should be more respect and care!
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