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Manufacturer of precision machining equipment should be paid attention to in using problem ( On)

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-13
There are many different kinds of modern ningbo precision machining mechanical and electrical equipment, but also in constant increase, the mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and maintenance for precision machining manufacturer, is the basis of a long-term work: 1, economic reasonable equipped with various types of equipment precision parts processing factory must according to technology requirements, equipped with its own required by a certain percentage of the various devices. In addition, with the development of the enterprise production, product varieties and the increase of the number, precision parts processing custom technology also need to change. Therefore must adjust the proportion between the equipment in a timely manner. To make it adapted to processing objects and production tasks. 2, create good working environment for equipment machinery and equipment working environment has a great influence on the precision of the machine equipment, performance, precision parts processing factory not only for the temperature of the high precision equipment, dust, vibration, corrosion and other environment must be strictly controlled, but also for the average precision of the equipment to create a good condition, general requirements to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, to avoid big wet too much or the places where corrosive gas, dust, far away from the vibration of large precision parts processing equipment. 3, good power supply guarantee in order to avoid power swings ( More than 10%) And the possible interference signals, such as instant, precision parts processing equipment generally adopts the special line of power supply ( Such as low voltage transformer room from all the way for the use of separate) Or add voltage stabilizer, etc. , can reduce electrical interference. 4, reasonable arrangement of equipment working load on the performance, structure and technical characteristics of various kinds of equipment, precision parts processing factory should properly arrange production tasks and work load, make equipment make as far as possible, to avoid the 'big machine small, rough machine fine' wait for a phenomenon.
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