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Machining parts purchasing skills

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-02
In the field of mechanical parts processing industry, buying the right is the basis of processing, raw materials or bought inferior parts to processing, how also not processing a good mechanical parts. You know how to purchase machining parts? Small make up today to share with you the skills of mechanical parts processing parts purchasing! For enterprise procurement of spare parts is also a science, purchasing items directly affect the enterprise product quality and efficiency. 1. Supply spare parts by the unit must have ISO9000 certification qualification may provide the required item 2. Offer the items must be supplied with the unit fingertips department of quality assurance. 3. The raw material quality assurance for articles 4. The buyer must of examining the supplier management system certification, in the company unit of qualified supplier list can provide the supplier with the item. Above is the most basic matters of purchasing items, is also a small make up want to share the content, hope to be able to help you!
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