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Know about the process characteristics of precision machinery

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-16
Main technical file mechanical processing workshop is to guide the consumption of consumption plan, schedule, the operation of the workers, parts processing quality inspection, processing asset accounting, is based on the procedure. The problems in the disposal of consumer, also often in process planning as general according to. Such as the disposal of quality accident. Should be in accordance with the procedure to sure the obligation of the relevant units and personnel is the main consumption preparation according to the workshop to consumption of new parts, the first thing to make the parts machining process planning, and according to the procedure stop spending. Such as: the key process of new parts processing process analysis discussion to the knife, clamp, measuring tool; The original data and blank purchasing or manufacturing; New equipment purchased or old equipment modification, etc. , were necessary to stop is based on the process. Technical documents when building or large mechanical processing workshop, should according to the procedure must be the variety of machine tools required and quantity as well as in the workshop layout, again so affirm workshop area size, power and hoisting equipment configuration and the type of work, technical level of workers required, quantity, etc.
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