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Gear machining complex process with plant?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-03
Gear machining complex process with plant? Hi, I'm gear processing plants and small make up to you to introduce gear processing device. Gear machining device, is used for processing ji gear and bevel gear. The gear processing device has closed frame structure, in order to increase the stiffness of gear machining device and the gear machining accuracy. The gear processing device includes a base, a column structure, a first line of the mobile device, a second linear mobile device, a rotary worktable and a third linear mobile device. Among them, the pillar structure and the first line of mobile devices have enclosed frame structure, to reduce the weight of the whole, improve the resonant frequency. The gear machining device more use of symmetric linear motor to drive the linear mobile device, and by using direct drive motor to drive the spindle head and rotary worktable. Gear processing factory tell you gear processing technology, belongs to the mechanical manufacture field. This product in the process of the car into the benchmark addendum circle, for after the hot processing provides a reliable positioning, clamping of the alternative benchmark, workpiece positioning, clamping and reliable, and convenient clamping, so that the quality of the gear is more stable, the product through the film clip claw clip on the benchmark addendum circle P directly, this way of clamping compared with the original first is the ability to overcome reciprocating axial force significantly enhanced, reduced in the process of positioning, clamping wheel powder's influence on the processing quality, also eliminated because of the pitch circle fixture on drum cylinder wear and deformation of the influence of relevant processing quality makes the gear processing quality and stability. The second is the rejection rate of decline, the workpiece clamping speed increase and the whole tooth pitch jig cost savings, making the gear to get the corresponding reduction in manufacturing costs. The above content is the gear factory, small make up for your release, if you need to know more information about the gear processing, welcome to click into our company's website https://www.henryparts.com, there is also more exciting information waiting for you to see.
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