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Gain shape workpiece machining precision of the method

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-08
How to understand the original error? CNC machining metal parts manufacturability analysis of workpiece processing, in order to obtain the shape precision of yuan gives the mechanical and electrical development developed a variety of ways, including locus method, forming and tangent method, generating method, the following let us explain these methods in detail for you. Trajectory method is also called the tip trajectory method, is a workpiece shape depending on the tip trajectory precision of the method. Yuan thy electromechanical tool for regular exercise, relative to the workpiece in surface formation geometry, that is the shape of the processing is needed. We see at ordinary times, such as CNC lathes, turning and shaping belong to locus method. Forming method is the use of forming tool was carried out on the workpiece processing, to obtain the shape precision of the method. Operation, the forming tool instead of ordinary, it is the cutting edge of workpiece shape. This method can simplify the machine or cutting motion, improve the productivity. Given yuan mechanical and electrical tool can be used to rotate while doing trajectory, which was carried out on the workpiece processing, this method is called tangent method. This kind of method for shape accuracy depends on the tool center according to the accuracy of trajectory. Generating method is also called generation method, the use of workpiece and tool for generating cutting motion, so as to achieve the purpose of the workpiece processing. Generating method used in the shape of cutting edge is processed the conjugate curve, the shape of cutting edge and generating motion precision determines the obtained the shape precision of workpiece.
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