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Equipment spare parts processing in the cause of the deformation and the improving measures

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-01
In equipment spare parts processing industry, the most taboo is the question of equipment spare parts processing. Once appear, the consequences will be unimaginable, which not only affects the economic benefits of enterprises, also can cause a series of security problems, make the enterprise. So what is the cause of the deformation of parts? How can we improve it? Mainly include the following: 1. Internal force change equipment spare parts processing precision. Skilled workers all know, in the process of machining, the three parts are the lathe claw clips, to ensure that the force applied to the parts is stable. With the passage of time, the lathe chuck will loose, this will reduce the stress and deformation of parts. 2. Heat treatment deformation easily. When machining some thin and small parts often need to heat treatment. At this time, if the technical personnel's professional knowledge is not solid, not well understand the structure performance of these parts, parts easy to bend. 3. In the process of equipment spare parts processing, due to the elastic deformation caused by the external force. When machining parts, often using lathe and jig. When they are uneven, the fixed part of stress will be uneven, stress of the smaller parts will be out of shape. Improvement measures: first, after heat treatment and natural deformation, with professional tool to repair of parts, to ensure that the components of the perfect. Second, the technical innovation, improve the rigidity of parts. Technical personnel need to improve technology, strengthen the innovation, select the appropriate heat treatment co. , LTD, change the stiffness of equipment spare parts processing, make the equipment spare parts processing is not easy to deformation.
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