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Computer gongs

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-12
More computer gongs in us dollars given industrial factory, computer gong is commonly called CNC milling machine, a way of saying that there are coming from Hong Kong, then was introduced into China, the pearl river delta in jiangsu and zhejiang area to be called 'processing center', is a kind of a program control system of automatic machine tools. The control system is able to handle the with logic control code or other symbols in accordance with procedures prescribed by the instruction, and the decoding, to make the machine movement and machining parts, also known as CNC machining center or nc machine tools. 1, host: he is the subject of computer gongs, including machine body, columns, spindle and feed mechanism such as mechanical parts. He is used to complete a variety of mechanical parts machining. 2, nc device: is the core of computer gongs, including the hardware ( Printed circuit boards, CRT displays, the key box, paper tape reader, etc. ) And the corresponding software, used to input the digital parts of the program, and complete the input information storage, data transform, interpolation algorithm and implement various control functions. 3, drive: he is a computer gongs actuator drive components, including spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor, etc. He in the numerical control device by electric or under the control of electro-hydraulic servo system to realize the spindle and the feed drive. When several feed linkage, can complete positioning, line, plane curve and space curve processing. 4, assist device: refers to the computer gongs some necessary supporting parts, to ensure the operation of the computer gongs, such as cooling and chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitor, etc. It consists of hydraulic and pneumatic device, chip removal device, change table, and CNC dividing head, nc rotary table also includes tools and monitoring detection device. 5, programming, and other ancillary equipment, can be used to in closed parts of programming, storage, etc.
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