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CNC precision parts processing process?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-24
More CNC precision parts processing process? A by product analysis, product analysis should be made must composition information and some specific CNC precision parts processing requirements. Second, graphics, graphic planning first should be based on the detailed analysis was carried out on the products, by analyzing the processing requirements determine the graphics type, etc. , and the draw with the graphics software. 3, process planning by the appearance of the product are on the workpiece and the CNC precision parts processing requirements analysis, from the overall situation of processing to establish reasonable each machining process. Fourth, the way to generate the way the generated process is actually we end through the process planning software, through the parameter setting about cutting tools with ways must be optimized. Five, the way modelled on the way back in the generated we usually performance effect of it on the machine, after all, no intuitive feeling. Here we can inspect the possible problem through ways like, thereby reducing the practical processing of scrap rate. General examination, the effect of the key on the workpiece appearance whether cutting or less cutting, then there is way of process planning is reasonable. Six, way output way output is a software program programming in machine tools necessary for completion of the above process, through the way contact output can be set up by the center reference for both. If have CNC professional set, can also be understood as it tool way of post-processing.
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