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CNC precision machinery parts processing factory programming skills of article 16 techniques

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-24
CNC precision machinery parts processing factory programming skills of article 16 secrets: 1. White steel knife speed not too fast. 2. Use less copper on thick white steel knife, multi-purpose fly knife knife or alloy. 3. When workpiece is too high, should be layered with different lengths of thick knife open. 4. After opening coarse with broadsword, used a knife to remove excess stock, ensure consistent allowance to laser scalpel. 5. Graphic application flat-bottomed cutter machining, using less spher mill processing, in order to reduce processing time. 6. Copper industry Angle, first check R Angle size, to determine how spher mill. 7. The school table plane four edges to gong ping. 8. Slope is an integer, application of slope knife processing, such as tube. 9. Do each working procedure before, want to clear a left after machining allowance, in order to avoid empty dao or processed for too much. 10. As far as possible simple cutter path, such as appearance, chamfer, single, walk around the contour. 11. Go when WCUT, can FINISH, we don't go ROUGH. 12. When shape laser scalpel, coarse light, first off again, the workpiece is too high, the first optical margin, to the bottom of the light. 13. Setting up reasonable tolerance to balance the processing precision and computing time. A coarse, 1/5 of the tolerance as allowance, laser scalpel, tolerance to 0. 01. 14. Do more working procedure, reducing the time of air knife. Do more thinking, reduce the error chance. Do more auxiliary line auxiliary plane, improve processing conditions. 15. Set up the sense of responsibility, carefully check each of the parameters, to avoid rework. 16. Study diligently, good at thinking and progress
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