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CNC parts processing rate reduced to 13%, what does it mean?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-29
At the end of the peak season of CNC machining parts, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are working overtime to catch delivery. This year as a whole, or a good year, especially for government entity enterprise comprehensive burden. Among them, the most notable is the precision parts processing industry value-added tax rate from 16% 13%. For precision parts processing enterprises, reduce the tax rate is good year. Want to know the last time the tax rate adjustment of mechanical parts processing industry, reduced from 17% to 16%, just tested the market reaction. Now reduce the proportion of 3%, equivalent to one hundred billion yuan of total tax revenue, enough to see the state encourages the CNC parts processing, such as real economy great determination. As is known to all, with the artificial and raw material costs, CNC parts processing industry is becoming more and more difficult, basically wandering in the profit and loss, orders temporary shortage will lose a little mess. Because of mechanical parts processing enterprises are heavy industry assets, the early stage of the need to invest a lot of resources, including land, equipment, raw materials and artificial cost, shipment until the precision parts processing is completed, to recover the cost of unity. Therefore, cash flow management becomes the precision parts processing enterprises is very important skill, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer will set special fund management, investment planning and financial track. At the same time, large CNC parts processing enterprises rely on their own influence, can be in place in the investment promotion and capital introduction of convenience, such as the policy of care, easily recruiting land, tax, and human can get corresponding discount. But for small CNC parts processing enterprises, the preferential policy is certainly reach, so 3% tax reduction for this type of precision parts processing enterprises, turns out to be more affordable.
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