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CNC machining thin-walled aluminum - Precision can reach 0. 03

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-07
Last month, Mr Hu in dongguan, which is based on the Internet to find the meta hu want to processing of a batch of CNC machining thin-walled aluminum, ask yuan can give the production processing, saw Mr. Hu yuan gives technical engineers to provide 3 d drawings that can produce in the future. Given Mr Hu met yuan agreed to so fast, is not at ease, because Mr. Hu also met such situation before. Mr. Hu when a previous suppliers and also agreed to, the results made by CNC machining thin-walled aluminum precision is unqualified, lost a lot of cost. But Mr Hu met yuan gives on the Internet word of mouth is very good, gives the concept of factory decided to yuan. A day later, yuan gives Huang Gong greeted hu, and led the hu from yuan gives the office to the production workshop, Mr. Hu meet given RMB 55 sets of CNC machining equipment, said Mr Hu a rude awakening, no wonder given yuan at agreed, do have the overall strength of the yuan to give is! Mr Hu to arrive to QC room, sample room, immediately decided to CNC machining thin-walled aluminum to yuan. A few days later, received the goods after Mr. Hu responded, yuan has not the kui is a powerful manufacturers, accuracy should be + / - 0. 3 mm, decided to yuan after place the order.
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