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CNC machining summary

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-05
More CNC machining '> CNC machining summary 1. Just must carry on the triaxial origin return when the phone is switched on, check machine guide rail oil, spindle adequacy of hydraulic oil, etc. Not enough to timely refueling. 2. Machining corresponding to the size of the drawing is good, even if only a little gap also have to check with the administration or programming. 3. In the process of machining program is broken when the app is easy to get wrong, be sure to check in a timely manner. 4. Need to change the knife in the processing to single section will XYZ axis to zero at the same time. If is in after the tool change does not affect the depth of the machining tool directly to use the handwheel to XYZ axis after processing. If after the tool change might affect the depth of the processing have to right knife will shake three axis to zero. This step is very complex for beginners or operation, but this is a must in processing skills. 5. Each program running we must be on a knife. Forget about a knife is a dangerous operation, light person causes damage, the person that weigh killed, machine apart. Therefore, we should remember this step operation for the knife. 6. Most of the time we'd have no because G60 will be zero and the workpiece scrapped. Used in processing the G60 will be when we after use to correct timely. If the later operation didn't go to see in time, then later do artifacts will be non-conforming. 7. Method of cutter: general we will choose to use a 10 mm pin as we normally on the knife tool. Another kind is to do something no accuracy for convenience, we will take a knife directly on the workpiece surface approach. The former operation method is to use the handwheel will shake the cutting tool to a certain distance away from the surface and less than ten millimeter pin at the same time put the pin on the distance of the workpiece surface, and the hand wheel slowly shaking up, the shaking was just enough to 10 mm pin from the bottom of the tool through the is success against the knife. 'Note: this knife is the most accurate, but the distance from workpiece also sent ten mm pin. So the follow-up processing takes the G60 will be one-way migration in the Z axis. In the input - G60Z axis 10. So the zero work is just on the surface of workpiece. 'The two methods of cutter mixed unavailable if not careful, is one of the most prone to crash. Because of cutter zero is different, in the G60 will be - 10. When the workpiece surface directly approach will crash. Therefore, in the selection of knife method be careful when G60 will be in the value of the Z axis. 8. General processing model mainly include precision is pin hole, guide pin hole, insert groove, slotting, etc. (1) when making pin hole processing method is: use 10 mm pin hole, for example, we will use 9 first. 0 bit bottom hole, then use 9. 8 bit reaming, reamer hole with 10 mm. But on this we should pay attention to when we drill the 9. 8 bit when we should try the 10 mm pin on pin hole, we don't know for sure. 8 a drill hole must be 9. 8, there will be a certain error, if try out 10 mm pin cannot be put in when we go on the back of the drilling program. After the drill reamer also must pay attention to, reamer ground first hole when we have to use 10 mm pin to hole,
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