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CNC machining parts start and stop of turntable

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-28
In the process of CNC machining parts, rotary table if adopted nowadays general static pressure system of control, will not immediately action, due to the turntable with a huge hydrostatic oil film formed between the chassis to start the turntable, it need time, also, the turntable stop to unload this amount of static pressure oil, and then you can lock position, also need time. Ningbo precision machining experts point out that, in the axis and other axis B do take special note its hysteresis synchronous runtime. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, in fact, there is a way to circumvent the lag, but make sure that the cutting of the CNC parts processing quantity is small, will not affect the positioning precision turntable, can control the turntable below have static pressure oil work all the time, this control method, some machine can use the M code control, some machine directly installed on the machine control panel has a table of static pressure start with static pressure stop button. In the process of CNC machining parts, motor of the outside of the rotary table drive is usually drive gearbox, and rotary table along the circumference of tooth plate mesh, mesh this way like walk on big pillar in the X axis, a double gear preloading. In the process of CNC machining parts, rotary table lock mode is also different from other axis, using four corners fixed hydraulic cylinder to resist other axis and lock, turntable often use the circumferential direction of the outside of the multi-point lock turntable method, some ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer will be on the base of table design as far as possible close to the outer edge set a lever, a circular groove under the turntable it work, turntable startup it send under escort lock, turntable stop when it sets in the lock.
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