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CNC machining parts in the matters needing attention

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-28
Today, we will introduce in the nc machining parts need to be aware of matters: 1, choose a knife, knife road can be placed at any specified height and position. When the first knife processing for the first time, the so-called turning often is large, the number of this could easily lead to blade fracture and bullets. At this point, the ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer will generally coarsening or under the knife under the first layer empty, as far as possible put the knife on the outside. Small make up remind CNC parts processing friend must pay attention to this problem. 2, clamp, marble cutter, holding off knife, knife, long length, small cutter diameter. In CNC machining parts, when the corner radius and the cutting tool radius in the same location, it's easy to have a shape and size is not accurate. Needs to catch this knife, CNC parts processing operators layered with smaller diameter knife Angle, to change a larger knife smooth surface can be solved. When the depth is lower and higher can hierarchical processing. 3, overbreak examination. CNC machining parts of overbreak is a common problem, should pay special attention to. The solution is to simulate a tool path, from different angles over checking tool path. Mechanical parts processing expert points out, untested tool path does not allow for processing. In profile milling cutter location choice undeserved can cause excessive cutting, by changing the tool can avoid excessive cutting. Above all, introduced the ningbo manufacturer of precision machinery parts processing nc parts processing matters needing attention, hope to help you.
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