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CNC machining parts, cooperation order in Germany

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-01
This month, we ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory and had a German order, small list, two CNC parts processing products. Although do not have how many dollars, but for small factory has been committed to expanding international business, also is a successful case of international cooperation, accumulate over a long period, our market will be bigger and bigger. German clients is commissioned a dongguan trading company find us, the dongguan friend first search on the net 'ningbo precision machining,' to see our old customers are introduce to us, should be a trustworthy supplier. Each other from dongguan to our ningbo factory visited a circle, immediately be able to work together. In fact, this order, from the perspective of the 3 d drawing of nc machining parts, not many processing difficulty, don't really catch the delivery date, can we get is luck. However, since is signed with the trade company, so the price is decisive weapon, the middle is a little profit space, can win this order. We promise delivery is ten days, our processing team finished the task on time, testing meet the design requirements, customer service will notify the dongguan the trading company. On the same day, the other is from dongguan to ningbo factory we collect the goods, and the scene to pay the balance payment, that maybe the next time will have their business, worthy of we are looking forward to!
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