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CNC machining efficiency of small doohickey

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-27
More reasonable processing craft route, reduces the auxiliary time of nc milling in order to improve the production efficiency of nc machine tool, first must be analyzed carefully processed by CNC machine parts, find out parts of material, structure features and tolerance requirements, roughness, heat treatment and other aspects of the technical requirements. Then on the basis of this urgent, choose reasonable milling process and simple processing route. Choosing the right tool, improve cutting efficiency of CNC milling machine tool CNC machine processing capacity, process, content should be considered, such factors as the workpiece materials, numerical control machine tool of the selected tool, not only requires high hardness, high wear resistance, and enough strength and toughness, high heat resistance and good public welfare, and the required size stability, easy to install. So should try to adopt new materials of CNC processing cutting tool with high quality, and optimize the tool parameters, make the size of the cutting tool and machining surface size and shape. Reasonable installation clamping workpiece, increase the speed of the clamping and machining on CNC machine tool, workpiece positioning installation should strive to make the design datum, process datum and programming calculation of benchmark, try to reduce the number of the clamping, as far as possible after a positioning clamping, work out all the processing surface, avoid using artificial adjustment type of machine processing scheme, in order to give full play to the efficiency of nc machine tools.
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