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CNC machining aluminum - On time in accordance with the quality

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-06
When fast holiday last year, Mr Long contact with yuan gives, salesman member Xu Gong received dragon Sir, Mr Xu Gong and dragon after detailed talk about, talk about CNC machining aluminum cover, ok good Xu Gong can calmly to solve professional degree, switch to another salesman may be suspended. Mr Then know that the dragon is a well-known company in shenzhen, they want to develop new products, need CNC machining aluminum, the product is not a dinner party, strives for perfection the dragon Sir, decided to the company to have a look, is also Xu Gong reception he, from the material production, to quality inspection, and then to delivery Xu Gong detailed introduce to Mr Long. Mr Dragon to yuan was impressed by the excellent quality and good service, and given directly to the yuan issued orders. Yuan gave Mr Dragon didn't disappointed, according to the requirements of Mr Long processing, timely in accordance with the quality to Mr Dragon is made by CNC machining aluminum. This is the testimony of yuan gives strength, yuan has been the pursuit of excellence quality, provide excellent service for the customer.
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