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CNC - aluminum products processing experience

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-22
Shenzhen zheng according to Peng You detailed introduction for the yuan, which sent the CNC aluminum products processing drawings, asked whether the yuan has to make, showed his is the old customer introduce to, if you can expect at a cost-effective price. Mr Zheng CNC aluminum products processing is not many, total need twenty pieces, ask is able to do less, total RMB given how many pieces are all can do, immediately after receipt of the 3 d drawings for Mr Zheng to quote the price. Such less CNC processing aluminum products price level given yuan is generally do not have what advantage, although given yuan has its own processing plant, product quantity too little, the cost of production will also with ascension, Mr Zheng to production and processing difficulty is not great, given Mr Zheng soon receive the meta sending products, after the inspection of product quality is very satisfactory, prepared to test the practical effect. Yuan gives the technology professional manufacturer, aluminum parts processing experience, need to give advices to yuan parts processing, yuan are looking forward to your coming.
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