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- CNC aluminium plant Additional three dimensional accuracy testing report

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-20
Two months ago, hangzhou customers find yuan, Mr Tsang needs to be machined aluminum parts, through communication, found that Mr Tsang had cooperated with several CNC aluminum parts processing factory, but quality not up to regulation, ask yuan can do. Yuan gives technical engineers to see Mr Tsang sent after the 3 d drawings, show that the regulation against Mr Tsang is able to complete, and at the time of delivery can attach three dimensional accuracy inspection report, Mr Tsang detailed understanding of the meta, know the meta give is 9 years CNC aluminium processing plants, production workshop return are 6 years work experience, 55 sets of processing equipment, see yuan gave Mr Tsang is the overall strength of the manufacturers, decided to put the aluminum parts processing to the yuan. A few days after Mr Tsang, after receipt of the goods, that is very satisfied with the given yuan aluminum parts processing, according to Mr Tsang have to words, yuan gives the product quality is very good, CNC aluminum parts processing plants than previously worked several times higher, also decided after will find yuan gives the custom.
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