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by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-21
In product research and development, the demand for aluminium alloy parts with abundant, after all, this is the place where differences reflect the company, this time you need to find CNC aluminium alloy factory customized. And in order to reduce risk, will first to carry out the proofing, so, there are so many manufacturers, which manufactures more professional? Foshan, Mr. Chen is a hardware factory engineer, recently for product research and development requirements to customize a number of parts, in the local looking for a lot of manufacturers, is also not satisfied with, then work to find a cooperation, the result is out of the question. Originally promised to do the drawings before the production factory, we can deliver the goods to check out with a few out when they did not meet, just irritating. Thanks to is in the proofing process, Mr. Chen can only find other CNC aluminium alloy factory. Inadvertently Chen found online CNC aluminium alloy factory yuan, basic grasp the meta give each level, then began consulting advice, after is associated with the project manager communication of yuan give details later, find yuan give really very professional technology, so the yuan gives very at ease, is given directly to the meta. Given time yuan completes the delivery a few days, Mr. Chen was satisfied with the quality of this batch of aluminum parts, also added a number of orders, if you have demand, welcome to yuan to give consultation!
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