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Choose CNC parts processing in five reasons

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-15
Recently, I have a friend ( Is developing a product) Ask me why I prefer CNC machining parts instead of 3 d printing? As we walked past her to the product development journey every step, I answer to her is diverse and widespread. Is there a reason, I like the prototype of the precision parts processing and low volume production? No, but the robustness is a main reason. Obviously, 3 d printing is very good, in the process of product development, has been one of the great it has been widely used, and other rapid manufacturing process, I prefer ningbo precision machining, the main reason there are five ( Based on my experience) 。 The power of the prototype - — At key points in the product development process, I have too much the prototype of the fracture. No one will like you to treat you gently prototype. If you by nc parts processing, it is likely to stand up to the buyer, friends, colleagues and other abuses. You might say, 'but this is a quick version is for internal review, so a rapid prototype of 3 d printing is ok. 'I want to say is, in many cases, you are right, until a chance to show a key investor or buyer, and you find yourself not a top-ranking strong and excellent surface finish of the prototype. The opportunity cost of lost is immeasurable. End use manufacturing - — When you get your design right, you can put into production directly, because there is no mould time ( Or cost) Involved. If you won the wal-mart a lot of orders, this service is not so good for you, but you can put your first batch of 100 or more than 1000 parts/products sold to end users. In addition, when your design is a highly specialized product, the price is higher, then the CNC parts processing might be the entire product life for you, and don't have to spend a lot of money on the mold. If your design permits, to save money on the tool is a huge advantage. Surface finish - — There are a lot of the choice of surface finish and method, to apply to the color of the CNC machining parts. When you develop a product, this can really help you to expand your product from one to multiple potential, provide a different look and feel for your clients to choose from. If you have a first-class CNC parts processing, surface finish similar to production, so no one will know that you are in to show them a production parts or a prototype, it can make people believe you go further in your process, greater than the actual situation. When you are impressive, you will have confidence on yourself and the target audience. Price - — If you are in the plastic products, injection molded parts will beat your CNC parts processing price every time. But it will take a lot of upfront investment in tools. In general, if you are a direct sales to your customers no retailers in the middle, so ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory can be a sustainable pricing model, because there are a lot of the unit profit is available for you. When you by the retailer or wholesale channels into the mass market, you really need to look at the best possible price on the market, but in the early days, CNC machining parts pricing may play a role. In my opinion, at least explore this option, see if you can get rid of the original don't have to spend a lot of money on the injection molding mold. CNC machining parts, no machining feature allows you to the last minute before entering the market to change the design, without having to pay a fine. Material selection - — Almost any material can CNC machining parts, plastic, metal and wood. To buyers, investors, and shows the product to the end users, that provides you with a series of very good choice. Even if I don't think I design will be the end use of plastics ( So as to meet the need of the price point) , I always like to create a version of the metals ( If the design allows) Show some alternatives, some of the interesting things, some different things. Plastics can be a great mass market price point and metal titanium or other can be a great premium. This is not to support the rapid manufacturing process CNC parts processing rather than other comprehensive recognition of each parts, each product is unique, each market demand, but when the market and the design allows, it is still my preferred manufacturing of prototype and small batch manufacturing method,
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