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Changsha precision parts processing, production experience

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-10
In recent years, hunan precision parts processing industry development rapidly. Changsha many customers will search through the network looking for ningbo precision machining suppliers. Recently, changsha, Mr Tan's company wants to make a model of mechanical parts processing, he saw our website on the Internet, from the 3 d drawings, asked if we could not able to customize, make sure that every aspect to achieve their drawings design requirements. Precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo, our point of view, is not difficult to machining parts, but Mr Tan was asked a lot of mechanical parts machining supplier, all say can't do it. There is even a supplier receives the deposit, after come back again, don't chew the hard stuff. Mr Tan saw we readily promised, he particularly reminded us to see the 3 d drawings, don't get the final or can't do it, and to give them back to the big delay. In fact, our technical department to see his processing drawings, know the production of the mechanical parts processing has a certain difficulty. But we assessed, our ability is can completely meet the requirements of high precision spare parts, and provide the quotation to Mr Tan. Customer received our confirmation, very happy, immediately under the orders, and commanded to delivery of the goods as soon as possible. A man without I have, people have my superior, others can't do it, we can do, this is we even the strength of precision machining. This is also a lot of foreign customers, the choice of ningbo precision machining suppliers. , many critical customer cooperation after a time, will be we conquered. More than 10 years of mechanical parts processing, for all kinds of parts production and processing experience, if you have custom needs, also might as well to consult.
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