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Automobile mechanical parts processing and sino-foreign joint ventures

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-17
Swiss precision parts giant ABB, as early as the introduction of intelligent processing in the field of automobile mechanical parts processing, the robot products price highest, most complete category, the most excellent software system, cooperation with the domestic machinery parts processing manufacturer byd xi 'an factory, geely group, jianghuai auto, dongfeng nissan dalian factory, tianjin Great Wall,, guangzhou Honda, changan ford, BMW, vega factory, etc. FANUC enjoys high reputation in the field of auto CNC precision machining, the robot products highest accuracy but overload ability is poor, they entered into China and the east wind xiangyang factory factory, dongfeng liu steam, dongfeng-citroen automobile Wu Hansan factory, Shanghai gm dongyue/north sheng factory, Shanghai huizhong, dongfeng nissan, saic chase, dongfeng Honda and other domestic mechanical parts processing plant has a long-term strategic cooperative relations. KUKA is also in the field of automobile mechanical parts processing, the robot products operation is simple, easy-to-use, training time is short but reliability is slightly lower than Japanese products, machinery parts processing manufacturer has cooperation with domestic changan automobile factory in Beijing, Shanghai Volkswagen, faw Volkswagen factory factory, Beijing Benz, byd potential electric factory, Benz fuzhou factory room, etc. In the field of auto intelligent mechanical parts processing, ko horse robot products, the most valuable and domestic gac general guangzhou plant, yizheng saic motor corporation, hangzhou, guangzhou, Shanghai jiading, yantai, shenyang, brilliance auto, Shanghai gm, gm, China shenyang qin ordos, changchun faw, guangzhou, chongqing changan, nanjing fiat, Chrysler, wuhu chery automobile, etc. Japan's kawasaki in the field of auto CNC precision machining of layout, the robot products poor universality, dedicated to ford, Toyota, cooperation with the domestic machinery parts processing manufacturer has hangzhou ford, faw Toyota, guangzhou Toyota, etc.
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