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by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-06
Yuan has given precision parts processing can standardize various synchronous wheel, there is also a synchronous belt type drawings, or should indicate the belt type, as well as the precision and the dimensional tolerance. According to the precision requirements of different customers, choose the corresponding precision grade. Synchronous belt wheel, generally by steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, brass, such as materials. Inner hole is round hole, D type hole, taper hole forms, etc. Oxidation surface treatment with grey, black, galvanized, zinc plated color, high frequency quenching, etc. The accuracy grade depends on the customer requirements. Synchronous round the middle hole machining precision roller shape, mainly is the thickness, the top round ( The largest diameter) And the inner hole. According to the channel model, using the alveolar wire-cutting processing, through the keyway slot or wire-cutting processing, such as pulley flanges, can welding flange. Company in line with the focus on efficiency, heavily in the introduction of processing equipment, the introduction of the production management system, to attract experienced talent, integrity-based business philosophy, adhere to excellent quality, perfect after-sales service system to provide users with reliable safe and efficient processing machinery spare parts. Automatic mechanical equipment custom packaging machine parts, look for the yuan precision parts processing. Hotline: 13528828938
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