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Auto precision parts processing, restart the wuhan market

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-16
76 days after unlock, wuhan market back on track, auto precision parts processing cooperation will restart again. Many years ago in delayed orders, finally, the telephone call came from the customer in wuhan, begin to confirm the progress, ningbo, precision machinery parts processing factory and to start a year of busy, finally to the wuhan customer's news, wuhan market need open again. Automobile consumption can be said to be a barometer of economic, although in recent years are downward cycle, but wuhan automobile industry development trend of strong, over the years has occupied the position of pillar industry leader in wuhan. Ningbo precision machinery processing industry is very important in wuhan car market precision parts processing, in wuhan of customers is also very recognition of ningbo supplier service. Both traditional car customers, and customers new energy cars, their product research and development is closely related to ningbo precision machinery processing industry. Wuhan automobile industry in the rise of the central region, really cannot leave the support of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, the successful experience of ningbo area can copy the first time in wuhan area. After the outbreak in wuhan many vehicle and parts enterprises take the lead to return to work and production, to press the production 'accelerators, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is ready. At any time, we all walk in front of customers, car to fast one step precision parts processing, help customers to occupy the market.
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