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Anhui precision parts processing, — Strict confidentiality

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-18
Some time ago, there was a miss liu from anhui through online search 'sichuan precision parts processing factory' to find us. Customers in browsing our website, feel is good, then get in contact with the customer. We brief asked some mechanical parts factory customer service miss liu need to what kind of precision parts processing services, has raised the each other. However, after a few minutes, the tone of our guest to miss liu to judge she seemed a bit hesitant. Asked liu reason, learned that they first have to find a company precision parts processing factory cooperation, but don't know what the reason, drawing leaked out, let the competition get ahead, the company leadership was enragedu by her. This kind of situation, it is our industry often appear problem, but we all have our mature contingency plans. To her after learned this news, customer service, expounds the mechanical parts processing factory not only have a confidentiality agreement can we protect the interests of the customer, and security software. Our mechanical parts processing factory are equipped with security software in your computer, unless authorized to decrypt, general manager or to get the drawings and the code. This makes clients shine at the moment, immediately sign a contract and confidential files. Got the customer's drawings, after technical department a discussion summarizes a set of solutions. After a week, finally finished the project. We put the pictures of precision parts processing products sent to miss liu, liu very satisfied, no leakage, and repeatedly confirmed drawing package delivery to the client company in anhui. Many customers are concerned about the precision parts processing confidential issues, don't want to in the process of precision machinery processing factory cooperation, drawing has been leaked out, when the processing and mechanical parts suppliers, will choose a secret strictly, so the customer would trust, mutually beneficial long-term cooperation!
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