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Analytical precision die parts processing technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-17
Now more precision mold parts with high value-added products, long service life, wide application range and other obvious advantages, become the love of many customers, while the precision mold fittings have been known to most people, but a lot of people is not very clear to its processing, the following is to listen to gain mechanical and electrical co. , LTD. , the interpretation of love. Mould processing procedure is a regulation parts mould processing process one of the files on the technology and operation method, it is under the condition of concrete production, the reasonable technological process and operation method, according to the regulations in the form of a written into process file, used to direct production after approval. Mold processing procedures generally include the following contents: the workpiece machining process route and the specific content of each process and the equipment and process equipment, test items and test method of artifacts, cutting dosage, the time quota, etc. Precision mold parts processing technology is in the process, on the basis of change in the production of objects, properties, such as shape, size, the relative position and make it become the finished product or semi-finished products, is each step, a detailed description of each process, for example, it says, roughing may include blank manufacturing, polishing, etc. , finish machining may be divided into the car, fitter, milling machine, etc. , each step will have the detailed data, such as roughness to achieve how many, how much tolerance to achieve. Technical personnel according to the product quantity, equipment condition and the quality of workers, etc. , determine the process of using, as the content of the related process files, this file is called process planning. This is more targeted. Every factory may not be the same, because the actual situation is different. In general, the process is a platform, the processing technology is the detailed parameters of each step and process planning is a factory specific processing technology according to the actual situation.
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