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Aluminum alloy parts processing difficulties how to solve?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-22
More about aluminum alloy parts processing difficulties how to solve this problem, believe that it is many is engaged in mechanical processing industry friends to learn, to help you solve this problem, small make up below summarizes some past experience, to give you a simple one: non-standard parts processing of aluminum alloy parts processing difficulties sometimes make us stranded operators in particular, the following for aluminum alloy thin-walled parts processing as an example to introduce the: because of the influence of deformation in machining of parts size and shape tolerance, at high speed, low feed and cutting depth of processing method, through a complete all related work piece clamping size processing, reducing parts in the process of machining deformation caused by the cutting force is too large, avoid machining datum and the design datum can't coincidence error, improve the dimensional accuracy, form and position precision of the parts. 1, the problem is put forward: in the process of machining parts, often the result of the internal stress deformation, especially non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium alloy processing. Internal stress caused by deformation of warp, lateral bending and distortion in the form of frequent, will seriously affect the machining quality and efficiency of parts, especially for thin wall, which behaves particularly outstandingly sheet parts. How to minimize or eliminate the deformation of the parts to ensure product quality and production efficiency, over the years has been our research topic. 2, root cause analysis: to improving the performance of aluminum alloy processing and using is need before processing by heat treatment ( Quenching + aging treatment) Way to improve the strength. Materials have great internal stress in the process of hardening, aging process is not fully release the quenching process of internal stress. In the subsequent machining process, a new cutting stress, with the continuous removal of material, the internal stress state of equilibrium is broken, internal stress redistribution, until it reached a new equilibrium process and deformation, lose parts machining accuracy. And when the stress exceeds the ultimate strength of the material on the surface of the parts, also can produce crack. 3, the solution: according to the above reason, for aluminum alloy thin wall and sheet parts adopt 'material' method for processing. 'Material' method is a clamping after completing all size processing, then the parts out of blank processing method. Set of material process including milling above to rough milling chamber, rough milling shape - fine milling shape - fine milling lumen - finish-milling underside - point ( Drill) Hole - cut, etc. Because the process is done in the middle of a clamping, before cutting, due to the parts connected to the blank material base, so produce won't cause parts with large deformation and internal stress in the whole process of parts size stability. When cut off, need to let the blank material and parts in the underside is 0. 1 mm adhesion, to ensure that in the whole process of 'material' parts have sufficient strength to resist cutting stress produced during processing. Non-standard parts processing will be cut off from the blank parts, parts is due to release stress deformation, but the part on the relative dimensions will not change, only need to increase the correction process leveling bottom all size and shape can be restored correctly.
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