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After medical precision parts processing, to resume production

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-14
Years ago, the new crown pneumonia all people life rhythm is disrupted, ningbo precision machinery processing industry construction plan is delayed. At this very moment, the medical supplies is the most shortage, medical apparatus and instruments of surge in precision parts processing orders, but really have to return to work and production conditions of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is really very few, a lot of assembly line workers were isolated in their hometown, or return to ningbo quarantine. Hand at present, we have to deal with the epidemic prevention and control, one hand to return to work and production, economic development is also related to every factory, every staff event. Medical precision parts processing customers are in rush out into return to work and production, our factory ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, but also must be in accordance with the requirements of the government, on the premise of do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, to return to work rehabilitation. Many orders delayed by the new crown pneumonia, other customers are also urge us? Medical precision parts processing, is the urgent social need, we with the outbreak of the first line NiXingZhe heart to heart. While ago some of the precision parts processing orders at the top, we ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is commonly according to the arrangement of the first production, however, the national a chess game, we put some orders later, give priority to ensure medical equipment the procurement needs of customers, also can obtain the understanding of other customers. 11 years of experience in medical precision parts processing, at the time of receiving customer orders, not only can help each other and to optimize the design of the better solution, but also in appearance on the processing technology can give professional advice. Especially during the outbreak, medical apparatus and instruments foundry of precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo put forward higher requirements, our professional degrees can also be ready to respond to market changes, this is also our contribute to chat for epidemic prevention work.
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