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About shenzhen mechanical processing plant parts processing process in detail

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-22
More shenzhen machinery factory car processing: in order to satisfy the high precision positioning requirement of gear machining, gear blank processing all adopt numerical control lathe, using mechanical clamp is not heavy grinding tool, implemented under a clamping aperture, end face and outside processing synchronization is complete, not only ensure the galvanized h-beam inner hole and end face of the vertical degree requirements, and ensures that the size of the discrete small gear billet production in large quantities. To improve the precision of gear blank, ensures that the sequence after the gear processing quality. In addition, numerical control lathe processing efficiency greatly reduced the number of equipment, good economy. Roll/gear shaper: processing tooth equipment used is still a large number of using common gear hobbing machine and gear shaper, though adjustment maintenance convenient, but the production efficiency is low, if needed to complete large capacity machine production at the same time. Along with the development of coating technology, hob, insert the blade grinding again after plating zinc plated h-beam is easy, after plating tool can obviously improve the durability, generally can increase more than 90%, effectively reduce the changeover times and grinding time, benefit is remarkable. At present, the technology has promotion in the company. Shenzhen mechanical processing plant gear shaving: radial gear shaving technology with its high efficiency, design tooth shape, tooth to the modification requirements is easy to realize the advantages of widely used in large quantities in the production of automobile gear. Technical renovation to the company since 1995 since buying Italian company dedicated radial gear shaving machine, in the technology has been applied on mature, processing quality is stable and reliable. Shenzhen mechanical processing plant heat treatment: automobile gear carburizing and quenching, to ensure the good mechanical properties of the design requirements. For hot no longer after grinding processing products, stable and reliable heat treatment equipment is essential. Company is Germany's easy introduction of continuous carburizing and quenching production line, obtained the satisfactory result of heat treatment. Grinding: mainly for after heat treatment of gear wheel inner hole and end face and outside diameter of shaft parts finishing, in order to improve the dimensional accuracy, form and position accuracy. Gear machining using pitch circle fixture positioning clamping, can effectively guarantee the accuracy of gear department and installation benchmark, a satisfactory product quality.
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