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14 or 15 planning, development of high precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-05
Why do we spend high price also can't buy lithography machine? Ningbo can create a lithography machine? May provide the answer of ningbo difference plans are being made, high precision parts processing industry is the focus of the future, China's high-end manufacturing see ningbo, core technology, key technology in the future for a period of time will make a breakthrough in the future. Believe in ningbo, ningbo precision parts processing, ningbo economic zone through 40 years, the more dangerous the more forward. A rise of emerging powers, there must be a matching strategic emerging industries, China is bound to produce independent intellectual property rights of chips, also will certainly produce independent innovation lithography machine, general machinery parts processing factory must act. Ningbo precision parts processing enterprises have can directly produce 18 nm chips, smaller the chip is scientific research level, foreign more harsh crackdown on the field of Chinese science and technology, will stimulate the motivation of our scientific research, in this world don't have the Chinese production come out? Foreign line, we also line, technological monopoly is only temporary. The Dutch don't sell lithography to us, but could not prevent the ningbo precision machinery processing factory chip r&d strategy, difference of ningbo plan would be to sit up and take notice, the first city of the republic of confidence, has the strength to maintain the country's information security, ningbo economic zones of the next 40 years, must be high-end CNC machining industry overall rise of 40 years!
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