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Yuan had given to the production of new orders for customers management process

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-31
Yuan had given ten years like one day, focus on CNC machining, professional CNC numerical control processing, a set of intact production management mode, according to our company & lt; < ISO9001:2008 quality management system & gt;> Materials, to our partners to provide effective protection. We to the customer order, the operation process is as follows: 1: customer order; 2: business merchandiser to & lt; < Order management table & gt;> ; Inform the raw tube subordinate production order, arrange production. 3: production management staff & lt; < Order review sheet & gt;> , inform related department to sign company, individual responsibility to the department; 4: the company related department review (on the order Engineering: review of material drawings whether there are abnormal and the issue of the drawing; Quality department: review of measuring tool, to ensure that the measuring tool is in place and follow up; Warehousing department hardware warehouse: review for tools and materials; Purchasing department: according to the quality department submit purchase requisitions for purchasing and warehousing department, ensure on time in place; Review delivery to production, and arrange the material on the machine tool production, and in place in time; Production management department: all of the data back to a rapprochement period to the sales department, reply to the customer) 5: the production of the product processing, to ensure that products conform to the requirements of the drawings, delivery; 6: production management department to follow up the material, to ensure on time delivery 7: quality department inspection, to ensure that products meet customer requirements, to achieve customer satisfaction 8: warehousing department: according to the engineering department to develop way of packaged goods, packaging for products; 9: sales department to arrange the driver delivery; 10: marketing officer of after-sales follow-up and feedback, a good communication with customers
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