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Wuhan unlock, CNC machining parts to restart

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-17
Thorough fares of nine provinces city was sealed, close to 80 - day suspended, stagnation of many nc parts processing cooperation, is not only a customer of wuhan, we ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory the day finally came. Wuhan manufacturing industry developed, especially the high and new technology enterprise is numerous, machinery parts processing has been a strong demand, but say stop stop. Before January 23, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer began to have a holiday, a lot of wuhan precision parts processing orders will be postponed until years after delivery of the goods, but didn't think of years later, there is no news. General situation, are in rush our customer delivery date, but this time, not a customer in wuhan to spy on the progress of the mechanical parts processing and processing orders. Things very much, only wait. Ningbo precision machinery processing factory although etc to unlock the wuhan, but wuhan precision machining the customer's purchasing plan have no so fast to restart. Plan as change, outbreak let many production plans have had to adjust, but the fundamental changes have taken place in the market, many CNC machining order may be cut off. As long as the green hills last, so afraid of not to burn! Someone is in the future, as long as the peace, precision machining of cooperation can resume at any moment. Ningbo mechanical parts processing plant customers get rid of the influence of disease at an early date, looking forward to wuhan for a return to normal business activities, although the environment is a bit difficult, but we can overcome difficulties, a long-term cooperation.
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