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Wuhan unlock, CNC machining parts to restart

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-17
From January 23 to today, almost the past 80 days, and many CNC machining parts orders from customers in wuhan now, also don't know the customer the next plan. Today customers began to return to work and production of wuhan, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also happy for them, hope they are back on track at an early date, resume cooperation. Years ago the order, usually to return to work after can delivery, but this is an exception, this is ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer first encountered this kind of black swans. For wuhan precision parts processing customers, survivors, safe and healthy, the most important business is secondary, as long as the green hills last, so afraid of not to burn. Wuhan region is an important part of the nc parts processing market, many new and high technology enterprise around, every year new products emerge in endlessly, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are optimistic about the market. In wuhan customer also prefer ningbo service here, and a lot of startups are ningbo side return customers, so is me. But the changed everything, many enterprises need to adjust production plans, through city days letter, external environment has changed, years ago CNC parts processing plan is also fit the current market, it is still a question mark. With the wuhan to return to work and production of enterprise, a lot of plan is adjusted, believe that will soon have the answer!
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