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- Wuhan customer recognition

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-04
With the advent of the era of 5 g, pay attention to quality and efficiency in this era, say again good, be inferior to do better, look up at the sky, feet on the ground. Yuan gives 15 years focused on lathe parts processing, machining precision parts processing manufacturing do large and small, more or less will meet different problems, 15 years we have also been growth of these questions, so more and more on technology to develop. Business is also know, understand, let enterprises step by step go today. On October 10, 2019, wuhan boss & ndash; — Zhou always came to our company. Became our customers via the Internet, before didn't come, clinch a deal by WeChat communication and wuhan week total first single, is nearly ( Thousands) Orders, also thank you very much in this week the total trust, which is also because some problems encountered in the process of production, every time is timely feedback to customers, have a material cost is more than ten thousand, because it is used on a transmission machinery and equipment, the product is also belong to the precision parts processing, a size super bad, can't repair, the customer can't pick, so is this a scrap processing, apply to redo. So delivery cycle time is coming, it is because of this, the customer worry about the quality and delivery, all the way from wuhan to shenzhen, in communication, customer asked weeks total many professional questions, to the overall professional week is also full of praise, when customers see product, satisfied smile on his face. Customer said you didn't let me down, the products do very beautiful. Some good has been packaged, and open it to the customer. Customers for our packing is also very full, every customer details see in the eye. Wuhan week always this time to come over and brought some production drawings to come over, by the way, there is a certain processing difficulty, because haven't find a suitable manufacturer to do, through the week and the total communication, because of our professional, more recognition of our customers, again to place an order. Customer said: do the machining industry has a lot of, but do precision parts processing, really is the technique and experience accumulation. Don't lack anything on the market, lack of high-quality goods. Your pattern and bear, let I admire, our cooperation should be vigorously, after my orders to you. A customer is not difficult, as long as to treat seriously, carefully to do every thing, to do what I say, say what I do, have credibility with customers. Given yuan has been adhering to the & other; Quality first, reputation first, the management and service for the sincere & throughout; The idea, to help customers solve problems.
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