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Wuhan concept, precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-17
Wuhan, wuhan, as the big boss to inspection, the outbreak was a turning point! Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises can make again, because of wuhan surrounding area there are a lot of our customers. Now, outside of hubei province has gradually returned to normal, precision parts processing in the production of sitting in the orderly, busy season again. About ningbo precision machining experts predict that in the future of a month, hubei area of factory may also have to return to work and production. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of a lot of old customers will begin to arrange a year purchasing plan, many are delayed, normally there will be a wave of centralized purchasing, precision parts processing production line is necessary to be prepared. On the capital market in recent days, the concept of wuhan strong stocks, such as copper peak electron, dafu technology, listed companies are related to the concept of 5 g, is also a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of large customers. Can look forward to, after completely remove disease, their precision parts processing orders will usher in blowout. 5 g is a hotspot, wuhan is also a hot spot, 5 g precision parts processing orders from wuhan regions, for ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, the market is rare. Scientific research strength is very strong in wuhan, ningbo precision parts processing power is very strong also, on this side of the bilateral cooperation to realize the combination, the future a good situation.
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