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Wuhan automobile mechanical parts processing, accelerating to restart cooperation

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-16
Auto industry occupies very important position in wuhan, in wuhan of the blow to hate in all walks of life, wuhan surrounding the vehicle manufacturing enterprises and parts enterprises are no exception. Since January 23, sealing city automobile mechanical parts processing business is at a standstill, survived after 76 days, finally wait to transfer, unlock, return to work. See companies began to return to work and production of wuhan, ningbo precision machinery processing factory all feel very happy. We often say that the customer is our food and clothing parents, customer shutdown for a long time, but also for the us these suppliers must, no cars precision parts processing orders, we are also suffering ah, have work is how happy. Fortunately, these days is the off-season, automobile consumption while sealing city have auto precision parts processing, but we can overcome. Auto precision machining business is about to restart, the perimeter of the wuhan automobile vehicle manufacturing enterprises and parts enterprises and let's see the city's thriving side, wuhan's pillar industry press the production 'accelerators. Ningbo precision machinery processing factory think, although now is the downward cycle of car consumption, but this year the country is a big support for wuhan, automobile parts processing business certainly not bad, with the arrival of the peak season of consumption, auto precision processing orders will be multiplied, always to have the opportunity to prepare the factory, we must be optimistic.
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