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Why are there in the mechanical parts processing deformation problem

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-12
In the process of machining there must be some is we should go to take care of that. Because in the work, a don't pay attention to it is easy to cause problems, presents the problems will directly affect the product quality problem, so in order to avoid these things, and then we will pay attention to in the consumption of time. Present problem must be timely to suspend the disposal, but must find what is the first reason before disposal in to suspend the disposal, so let's learn about the deformation of mechanical parts processing, and the reason is what? Lathe processing, usually is the effect of application of centripetal force, with lathe three jaw perhaps four jaw chuck, the clamping parts, and then to suspend the processing of mechanical parts. At the same time, in order to ensure the parts when stress is not loose, reduce the effect of radial force, it is necessary to make the clamping force is greater than that of mechanical cutting force. Clamping force along with the cutting force increases, then decreases with the decrease of the. Such operation abilities make mechanical parts in the process of machining mechanical stability. But, after three jaw maybe four jaw chuck to loosen, processing of mechanical parts will be with the original far, some rendering polygons, some present oval, tend to appear larger. About wafer type mechanical parts, because of its length to diameter is very big, in the check after the heat treatment of simple present weave straw hat. On the one hand can present the phenomenon of bulging in the middle, plane tended to increase, on the other hand, due to the influence of various external factors, make the parts produces circuitous phenomenon. These deformation problems are not just because of stress in parts after heat treatment of attack change, operators and professional knowledge is not solid, don't understand the structure stability of the parts, and then increase the probability of part deformation.
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