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Which a few kinds machinery processing can be divided into?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-03
And machining rotary type the form of: (1) : (2) cutting tool rotary type machining: drilling, milling, boring, plane grinding (3) the workpiece and cutting tool are turning processing: the circular grinding, cylindrical grinding, slitting (4) the workpiece and cutting tool is not turning processing: plane, plug, (5) other: machining, laser, such as water knife 4. : (1) the form of the content to distinguish the machining of axisymmetrical parts processing: cars, inside and outside circular grinding, etc. (2) the processing: milling, pull, plane grinding, etc. (3) hole processing: drilling, reaming, boring, enlarge, machining, grinding, etc. (4) : cars, milling, plug, pull through small make up such as sharing, everyone should know the mechanical parts processing which a few kinds are there, hope the above content can help to you!
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