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What you don't know auto precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-19
From ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, our car precision parts processing industry expertise and strategic location, excellent quality system allows you to remain competitive. Production part approval process ( PPAP) And advanced quality process, such as failure mode effects analysis ( FMEA) And the measurement system analysis ( MSA) Is widely used, to ensure that only the highest quality of stamping or machined parts delivery to our customers. As automotive suppliers of mechanical parts processing market, we have more than 10 years of experience, we can provide auto industry the required speed and efficiency. Precision manufacturing multi-axis milling ( Three axis, 4 axis and 5 axis unit of work) Multi-axis turning precision metal stamping product development prototype with ultra-precision assembly tolerance level high volume for stamping net and layer of the top ranking paper strip stamping precision slitting and motor to the roll of precious metal plating horniness alloy progressive die industry application of professional knowledge, Example) Fuel injector and fuel rail parts molding, stamping, milling, grinding of valve body parts prototyping fuel pump parts milling, turning, milling, grinding and grinding airbag components of prototyping stamping, punching, laser welding link meet RoHS standard car connector stamping, prototyping of lead-free electroplating electric connector, stamping, electroplating, fuel cell components forming, punching, milling, grinding value/value engineering ( VA/VE) Our innovative engineering method to improve the quality of the product design, reduces the manufacturing cost. We offer 100% of stamping online visual inspection, and provide real-time SPC monitoring of key process size. Original equipment manufacturer partners in ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory has skilled personnel and well-equipped facilities, short-term or mass production to meet your requirements. Our proven manufacturing transfer methods provide a complete production line transfer to one of our strategic location, in order to keep parts of continuous flow into your assembly operations. Welding services need stamping parts, machining and grinding parts together customers can rely on the ningbo precision machining manufacturer is recommended for your application, development and into the short-term or the best welding solution mass production. We offer the following welding solutions: laser and tungsten inert gas ( TiG) Transfer welding resistance weld electron-beam welding arc welding laser cladding industry standard certification, quality assured. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of production facilities in strict accordance with ISO 9001 standard operation.
The use and installation of SERVICE is compared with most other systems for managing the mechanical parts manufacturer effectively and no doubt SERVICE have won the race so many times.
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The mechanical parts manufacturer SERVICE is an all-servo system capable of storing hundreds of mechanical parts manufacturer process parameters to provide custom mechanical parts manufacturer profiles for each mechanical parts manufacturer type and mechanical parts manufacturer configuration.
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