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What tools for CNC lathe processing should use?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-01
More CNC lathe processing include diamond cutting tool, cutting tool arc detection device, cutting fluid, chip sets, etc. Diamond cutting tools for machining error of influence factors of the cutting tool radius arc shape, and the blade ripples ( 波状) And so on. In general, the diamond tool will trim as arc shape, and by the tool detection device to detect the arc radius and center, the test results within the input controller, for turning processing cutting tool arc radius compensation. If the tool of the circular arc is not a round or arc radius and center has error detection, will cause the error of the shape of the workpiece. The blade ripples will influence the surface roughness of workpiece. Tool arc center, center of cutting movement to set, with the rotation axis of workpiece spindle position and highly consistent; If not consistent, besides can produce processing shape error, also can be in the center of the workpiece residual bumps ( Commonly known as the belly button) 。 CNC lathe processing, often supply cutting fluid, in order to reduce the cutting temperature and take away the scraps. Most of the diamond turning to supply cutting fluid (oil mist type With high pressure air jet cutting oil) 。 So the Angle of the nozzle and the flow of oil, gas and speed will affect the cooling and chip removal effect. The most common situation for chip accumulation on the diamond blade, and with the cutting material surface friction, have a great impact on workpiece surface roughness. To avoid during the process of cutting the devolop even chip volume, chip plus a set. Chip set of principle is the use of high pressure air blown into the chip set tube to produce a vacuum. Using the chip set cutting point near the air causes disturbance, dust collecting pipe at the same time also on vibration resulting from the gas flow, causing the machine vibration and influence the surface roughness of machined part. Therefore when using chip set in addition to pay attention to the effect of chip set, also need to be careful of air disturbance and the effects of the vibration.
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