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What products has HENRY PARTS developed?
Since the inception of NINGBO HENRY PARTS INC., we have developed many types of products, among which surgical mask machine component are mainly promoted. The products we manufacture work well with different application scenarios. They prove to be highly reliable as we adopt state-of-art techniques upon them. With the help of introduced machines, we can produce them without much loss in materials. In the future, we will keep developing our production capabilities to improve workmanship and productivity. Please check out our products on our website.

HENRY PARTS can produce multiple rubber parts. HENRY PARTS produces a number of different product series, including Product. The raw materials used in HENRY PARTS rubber parts will go through a range of inspections. The metal/timber or other materials have to be measured to ensure sizes, moisture, and strength that are mandatory for furniture manufacturing. The product is well-known for its high-temperature resistance. This product comes with the desired waterproof breathability. Its fabric part is made from fibers that have notable hydrophilic and hygroscopic properties. It can be made of materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, or copper based on customers' requirements.

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