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What is the role of precision machining?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-19
What role does the more precision machined? The role of the precision machining of precision machining center is a high efficiency, high precision CNC machine tool, workpiece in a clamping can complete the whole process, but also equipped with tool library, and has the function of automatic tool changer. Precision machining center can realize three-axis or more than three axes linkage control, to ensure that the cutting tools for machining of complex surface. Precision machining center in addition to the linear interpolation and circular interpolation function, but also has all kinds of automatic processing and fixed loop, tool radius compensation, automatic tool length compensation, graphics processing, man-machine dialogue, automatic fault diagnosis, off-line programming, and other functions. The role of the precision machining of precision machining center developed from CNC milling machine. The biggest difference is that a machining center and CNC milling machine has the ability of automatic exchange tool, through the libraries installed on the different USES of the knives, can be in a clamping on the automatic tool change device to change the spindle tool, implement a variety of processing capabilities. Precision machining equipment suitable for large quantity, high precision, processing complex, the arc, such as taper processing, in particular, can do the job. In the industrial production of precision machined part, involves problems such as material, process, cost, use the number, there are a lot of parts can't be mass production by machine, so you need to use some special process for small or small precision machining, may also involve manual processing link in the middle. General mainly use CNC, rapid tooling, vacuum technology such as silica gel complex mode to realize the small batch production. The role of the precision machining of small precision machined from bits to three digits, through the simple mode, is the soft mode, or direct processing. Small precision machining is usually car, milling, planing, grinding, clamp, usually the machining process, fitter of blanking, line drawing, punching, tapping, etc. Representative of the industry with aviation, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery industry, machine tools, etc. Typical representative of mass production for the automotive industry, automobile industry and the new model and engine test as well as the main service for the mass production of the mould industry belongs to a single small batch production. The role of the precision machining of small batch production is a good way to save time cost, material cost, speed up the cycle of product to market. Small batch production is closely connected with hand-board model, hand-board model is the precondition of small precision machining, and small precision machining is established on the basis of hand-board model. Precision machined part focused on small precision machining, to a large extent can satisfy more personalized product customization. The progress of social civilization, the improvement of People's Daily life, in the pursuit of personal material things, gradually surfaced. Personalized life, personalized products, more can reflect the colorful life rhythm. Happen to be in industry, small precision machining with CNC, milling machine, lathe and so on a variety of industrial technique, more precise make personalized product realization. In industrial processes, but also more quickly, better meet the needs of customers.
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