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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for dust mask making machine part ?
It varies based on different manufacturers who adopt different technologies. Sometimes material cost may be high in the production. When the wastes are recycled and used for other production, the manufacturer in fact succeeds in cost reduction. NINGBO HENRY PARTS INC. is a company dedicated to the production of mask making machine part . The supply of raw material is ensured and the technology is developed to reduce the cost and improve the product quality to the largest extent.

HENRY PARTS is rated as the first brand of mask making machine part by many customers. HENRY PARTS produces a number of different product series, including Product. No critical defects can be found on this product, namely hazardous or unsafe conditions or non-compliance with regulations include sharp points or edges, stray needles left in the garment, loose studs or missing suffocation warning labels. Made of high purity materials which do not contain impurities, the product features good quality. With advanced equipment, HENRY PARTS has strong production capacity. Treated with stamping and forging, it is hard and strong.

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