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What is five axis CNC machining characteristics - industrial

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-31
As a result of five-axis CNC machining center cutter can be arbitrary attitude of workpieces, thus can avoid processing center of the cutting speed is zero phenomenon. Five-axis CNC machining can also select the most appropriate cutting tool in machining center, relative to the workpiece's stance on the effective processing, and processing concave with tool skew attitude, the advantage of these are processed. Especially when 5 axis machining center by control, need to generate tool path, with two axis of rotation to avoid interference between cutter and workpiece. But to generate nc data very easily. Now, a common five-axis control software have been developed, that is to say, it can generate a tool path, in order to avoid the interference between cutter and workpiece. At this point, centered on software entity model, using the algorithm to generate tool path ( The CL data) To avoid interference. Generation of tool path has nothing to do with the structure of five axis machining center, is a kind of neutral data. The processing software called handler. In addition, also need to set up a post-processor, it can be used according to the rules of the structure and composition of machining center, and take the initiative to generate nc data according to generate tool path. If the generated cutting tool path used as-is, impossible to make with different mechanical structure and structure of five axis machining center work control. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt various methods to CL data into a suitable for different structure of NC data processing center. Five-axis CNC machining of the main structure model based on the workbench two rotating shaft and a main shaft of a variety of Settings mode can be divided into three categories. Due to the relative position of each axis has different structure types, so it is necessary to establish a general post-processor to adapt to different types of structures. Post processor can not only avoid interference into the tool path is suitable for different machining center CNC data structure, can also change of feed speed, steady minimize trajectory linearization of error function.
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