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What is a CNC machining precision parts products?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-06
CNC precision parts processing products is to use raw materials directly from the CNC numerical control machine conforms to the requirements of the sample. CNC processing speed, good on the surface of the sample, after finish surface spraying, screen printing and electroplating process, similar to open mold to produce the product. CNC processing products can use ABS, POM, PC, PA, different materials such as metal to sample processing, to meet different customer needs. The project with high quality, good density materials processing samples, with good strength and toughness. We focus on CNC precision parts processing, to undertake various types of CNC small batch processing, CNC lathe processing, sheet metal, hand-board model, automotive, aerospace, medical, robots, lighting, etc. , machining accuracy, high speed, and satisfied. Our company has many sets of high speed CNC, milling equipment is perfect, the spectrometer detects the authenticity of raw materials, three coordinates detector guarantee shipment percent of pass! For large, medium and small enterprises to provide long-term CNC precision components products processing services.
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