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What is a CNC machining?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-11
More CNC Computer is English Numberical Control abbreviation, meaning 'Computer data Control', is simply 'nc', in the pearl river delta, known as 'Computer gong'. CNC machining, CNC machining is the mechanical manufacturing of advanced processing technology, is a kind of has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high flexible automation processing method. It is going to nc program of machining input to machine tools, machine tools in the data under the control of automatic processing artifacts out of accord with the people's will, to create the wonderful products, so that you can put the artist's imagination into reality. Such as mould numerical control processing technology can effectively solve the complex, precision, small batch and changeable processing problems, fully adapted to the needs of the modern production. Vigorously develops the nc machining technology has become our country accelerate the development of economy, the important way for improving the capability of independent innovation. At present, the numerical control machine tool use is becoming more common, can skilled CNC machine programming, is an important approach to give full play to its function.
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