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What are the shenzhen computer gongs machining of the object

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-07
Shenzhen computer gongs machining of object what everybody is good, do you know shenzhen computer gongs machining processing object is what? Below we look at together. A complex shape, structure and common machine tool processing of the surface of the parts is mainly composed of complex curve and curved surface parts processing, need the linkage machining, in the ordinary machine tools are difficult to can't even get to nc machining equipment is the most effective devices of this kind of parts. Common typical parts are CAM, classes and integral impeller mould. (1) there are all kinds of curves, CAM parts of disc CAM, cylindrical CAM, conical CAM and end CAM, etc. When machining, can according to the complexity of the CAM surface, choose three or four shaft axis, five-axis linkage machining center. (2), the integral impeller is common in aeroengine compressor, air compressor, ship underwater propeller, it besides has the characteristics of general surface processing, there are many special processing difficulties, such as narrow channel, cutting tool and machining surface easily and nearby. Second, shenzhen computer gong there are both plane and the hole of the department of parts CNC centers with automatic tool change device, during an installation, can be finished parts on flat milling, and drilling hole is milling, boring, ream, and step multiplex processing such as tapping screw thread. Machining parts can be on a plane, can also be on a different plane. Pentahedron machining center one installation to complete five except the clamping surface processing. As a result, there are both plane and holes in the department of parts is the first selection of shenzhen computer gongs processing objects, this kind of parts box body parts are so common and plate, set, plate parts. (1), set, plate type, its parts end face on the plane, surface and pore system, radial distribution are often some radial hole. Machining parts focus on a single face plate, cover, appropriate choice of vertical plate parts processing equipment, processing parts is not in the same direction on the surface of the parts should select horizontal machining equipment. (2), body parts are common several kinds of box parts. Body parts to be more commonly location hole and surface processing, precision demand is higher, especially the shape precision and position accuracy requirement is strict, usually after milling, drilling, expanding, boring, reaming, economic, tapping screw, such as work step, need the cutting tool is more, on the machine in normal difficulty big, tooling is decreasing, more to the clamping is find many times, more manual measurement, precision is difficult to guarantee. In the center of the last installation to complete process content of 60% ~ 95% of ordinary machine tool, precision parts of various consistency is good, stable quality, short production cycle. For more detailed information please visit website https://www. henryparts。 com/
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